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Welcome to DERMASCOPE’s newest platform of continuing education for skin care professionals: The Aesthetic Report, hosted by CIDESCO Diplomat and New York state school owner, Michelle D’Allaird.


Launched in January 2021, this monthly podcast provides a more casual and fun environment for listeners to get to know the leaders of the industry. 


DERMASCOPE makes continuing education for the aesthetic professional a top priority. Our new podcast will be an all-access interview with everyone’s favorite industry professionals available wherever podcasts are available. With a new episode airing every month, eavesdrop on the industry whenever and wherever. So, listen up and stay tuned for 2021.

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Part skincare and part makeup, primer occupies a unique space in the beauty world — and if you have oily skin, you know just how crucial it can be. The best foundations and prettiest blushes might look gorgeous when they first land on your face, but after a few hours in the oily mix, they can frustratingly disappear into the ether (or smear around, emphasize fine lines, and create abstract art when you blot). 

No bueno.

When used correctly, primers create an invisible layer of traction for the rest of your makeup to hold onto, keeping it in place despite currents of sweat and sebum putting up a fight. But choosing the best primer for oily skin isn't easy, and the wrong one can leave you feeling like you just wasted money on a bottle of clear, do-nothing goo. 

To avoid that unhappy fate, we've combed through all the primers on the market to come up with the 10 best for satisfying oily skin, whether they're tamping down shine, coasting over pores, filling in for sunscreen or keeping your makeup intact after eight hours with a mask on.