Meet The OWNER
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Sophia Manson

is the owner and operator of Lynesi Alex Spa.  

She is a licensed esthetician, licensed esthetician teacher, certified cosmetic laser tech, 2x certified lash artist, a continuing education educator, and a certified nursing assistant.  Sophia loves education and she loves to educate others. She has apodcast on Anchor FM called "Lets Talk Beauty".  There she educates you on all things beauty.  She has a passion for people and the beauty industry.  Her passion shows through her work and her continued education.

The name Lynesi Alex Spa came from Sophia and her best friend Millie naming Millie's car. They named the car Lynesi after Sophia's 2 daughters at the time and Millie's niece. Then when Sophia had her other daughter, her name was also added in.  Sophia then added the name Alex after Millie's firstborn son.

It was always a dream for Sophia to open her own business.  However, she knew that before it could happen, she had to get more training and education.  Sophia took up as many classes as she could afford and also some webinars.  She knew that opening a business would be a little tough, but she also knew that it had to be done, so on August 25, 2020, she opened the door to Lynesi Alex Spa.  With prayer and lots of faith, she is sure that this will be a successful business and will eventually expand.  

Sophia also started an online beauty store called Gavin Jandl Beauty and the Lux Hair. To see what she has to offer there visit